Easy File

Folder Backup

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Version 0.9.5 Beta update

21.11. 2019


name for backup items


some little GUI fixes and improvements


now it is possible set numbers with keyboard, just click on the number


Easy File and Folder Backup is backup program for files and folders. You can set automate backups, each individually or backup only in change. Program can be run as regular program or in task (in background), that means, GUI (Graphical User Interface) can be hidden, but program will run.

What it can do :

  • backup files and folders
  • set timer for each backup individually
  • watch backup
  • easy user interface
  • and more

What it can't do :

  • backup volumes or full os backup
  • restore backups *
  • backup over internet *

* features that will be implemented in future.


backup files and folders as items

restrict backup counts (from one to desired count)

global and individual settings for each backup item

one time timer and repeat timer

watch files or folders

add prefix and suffix for the backup

ability run as task mode (background)

autorun on sturtup operating system

save paths for original files or folders

easy user interface

There is lot of room for improvements and therefore here are plans for near future updates :

backup logs

restore backup

save and load settings

name for backup items (add name to backup instead show path to file or folder)

and more ...


For now, Easy File & Folder Backup is available as Beta version license. When Beta periods end, only two license versions will be available. Free or Demo version and paid version. It is not fixed plan, and it may change in the future.

Beta version of Easy File & Folder Backup is fully functional.


If you like or are happy with the Easy File & Folder Backup or find it useful, you can support development by sending voluntary contribution (Paypal.me) or by donation (button below)



Windows 7 with SP1, 8 or 10
1 GB Ram
100 MB free disk space